About us //

Beginnings of ESSEL trademark date back to the year 1921. The company has profiled gradually from a small engineering factory into a prominent producer of hydraulic cranes, towing systems and their accessory equipment, designed by our own team of designers. Production of products under the ESSEL trademark has formed for more than 40 years the principal program of the company’s production. Today we know that quality is based on tradition, and we are proud of Slovak products.

There have been radical changes in the company since the new owner and management arrived in 2014. One of the key processes, started after the ownership restructuring, were investments in research and development of new products. We have created a top-class team of designers, equipped them with high technology and gave them free hand and adequate space of time to develop completely new model series of our own products – hydraulic cranes and grabs, recovering transporters and towing platforms. After three years of intense development and testing of particular prototypes, we gradually started production of fundamentally innovated products in 2017, which from the prospective of ESSEL trademark were seen rather revolutionary than evolutionary.

Innovated products of ESSEL trademark comply with all parameters of the modern 21st century machinery. We offer optimal solutions for handling technology serving for efficient and safe moving of products or materials. We know that our products are used for daily work, so we have built them on the pillars of reliability, safety and durability in order to help our customers work efficiently and create benefit in their business. We put satisfaction of our customers first. That is why we try to understand their needs at the very most, so we can bring innovations which will provide for mutual success.

We possess complex technological backup, allowing us to produce wide spectre of products, from single-piece production of prototypes to manufacturing of small series. Production starts with a purchase of sheet iron, followed by a lively process that gives the future products their shape. We split, burn, form, weld, shape, and apply final finish coating. All of this inspires us and gives the meaning to our slogan: “Shaping the future”

We do not want to be stuck at one point.  The annual turnover of the company in the last three years has increased by 500 %, and number of employees almost doubled. We invest systematically and seek to develop our potential to its best. We feel strongly responsible for the company and our employees. We have adopted the procedures certified under the standards of EN ISO 9001:2009 and EN ISO 14001:2005. Compliance with the top standards of welding is confirmed by EN ISO 3834.